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Shadows of an Artist

I have never referred to myself – or even thought of myself – as an artist. I do a lot of crafty and creative things. But I have little discipline in most of them. So I’m not an artist.

Or am I?

An artist is someone who creates art. And what is art? Dictionary.com defines art as “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.”¬†

But it also tells us the origins of the word “art” comes from Middle English and Old French “ars” or “artem” and means “skill, craft, craftmanship.”

So do I create art?

I do have have some skill at the things I do. I try to put some definable sense of craftsmanship into them. Others find them aesthetically pleasing.

I think it can be called art. Not high art. Not even high quality art. Maybe everyday art.

And isn’t that something lovely to consider – that everyday art exists. That art doesn’t have to be confined to the museum, gallery, or concert hall. That art can be a part of lives. part of our everyday experience. That art is for everyone, everyday.

Everyday art is, to me, something created, not because it was needed or contracted, but just because the creator desired to bring something it to being just to be enjoyed, to make those who see it feel something.

So many of my projects – by that definition are art. And because I create them, I must by definition, be an artist. An everyday or common artist, but still an artist.

That thought is almost overwhelming sometimes. But it’s inspiring too. I think it’s time to go create some art.

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