Wandering at the Shadows' Edge

exploring potential and possibility

The Wanderer

The WandererMy name is Jenn and I’ve always been a wanderer.  I can blame my parents, I suppose.  They  always encouraged me to question, learn, explore and create.

Have my wanderings been organized or planned?  Not at all.  I have a severe case of “Oh Shiny!”  I see someone creating something and I want to know how they do it and if I am capable of doing it as well.  I see the actions of others and ask why. I see things other people consider improbable or impossible and ask myself “why not?” and “what if?”

Above all, I think, I love learning and exploring.  Mastery is rarely my goal.  I just want to see where the path I choose leads and what forks and branches it has.

So, who am I to map the shadows’ edge of possibility and potential?  Someone who has wandered aimlessly for entirely too long and has only recently realized that there are other wanderers out there that I can share my explorations with.

Do you explore the shadows? Have you mapped your wanderings? Would you like to exchange maps? 😀

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