Wandering at the Shadows' Edge

exploring potential and possibility

The Shadows

You never know what you’ll find at the shadows’ edge – where the shadows meet Light and Dark.  It is the edge where all things are possible and potential is unlimited.  Potential and possibility draw my eye and attention. It also draws my effort and activity.  Perhaps that’s why I forever have too many projects going on at one time.

For a long time my wanderings on the shadows’ edge have been undocumented, or sporadically documented at best.  Unmapped and unrecorded.   Am I repeating past steps? Wandering in circles? It’s time, and past time, I think to start mapping my wanderings.  Even if it does nothing for me but warn me from taking the same steps, perhaps it can aid some other wanderer to find the path they are seeking.

The wanderings mapped here will be those mostly in the realms of creation and discovery.  Tales mapping the results of  my efforts at creating, crafting, discovering.  Inspirations and the creations of others that inspire the direction of my wanderings.

Do you dare to wander the shadows’ edge and explore all the potential and possibilities that exist?

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