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New Adventures in Food

Part of the health and physical fitness journey I’m on is adjusting how I eat. I’m adjusting not only what I eat but when. It’s been interesting.

The easy part has been the when, but that’s because I’m currently prepping to teach and not on my regular work schedule. Since I’m not on phones, I can eat anytime I want to. It makes grazing through my day easy – and eating this way is about the only way I can eat the volume of food I need to.

I’m going to have to adjust somewhat while I’m actually teaching, since I can’t eat while I’m in front of the class instructing. But I have co-instructors so I won’t be in front of the class most of the time. It’s adjusting when class is over that I’m worried about. I’ll probably be going back to my day shift at that point and be back on the phones. I can’t eat while I’m taking calls and two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch aren’t terribly conducive to my eating plan. I’m worried about making the adjustment.

Now the adjustment to -what- I’m eating has been fun. It fits my appetite because most of the stuff is fruits and vegetables, nutes, legumes, and grains. There’s not a lot of cooking involved. There is some, but I can do most of it in one day and it only takes a couple of hours. If I decide to make something specific and on-the-spot, it’s generally fried or scrambled eggs, or a smoothie. Almost everything else can be cooked for multiple meals.

Cooking may be getting easier too. I got an Instant Pot on sale. The model I got can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and for sous vide, sauteing, and making yogurt. I haven’t done much with it yet, but I have two chicken carcasses in the freezer waiting ot be made into stock. And cooler weather is coming, so stews and chili will be in order. With the pressure cook option I won’t have to start them eight hours in advance. I’m excited to try making yogurt too. I wonder if you can start cheese in it?

What kind of experimentation are you doing with food?

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