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Mapping a New Path

I always make my session with my personal trainer. I’m not so good at working out during the rest of the week. So I’m making progress, but very slowly.

It’s my own fault. I choose to turn off the alarm instead of getting up and taking a walk or going to the gym. I chose to do other things around the house instead of making use of the fitness equipment I have available.

It’s not the only thing I fall down on. I’m getting better about actually writing every day. getting that writing into the computer where it needs to be is another matter. I have several things that are half-done. It probably wouldn’t take much to finish them if I’d just dive in and start.

I have time to do these things. I’ve just been choosing not to. Telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow or on the weekend. And then I don’t follow through.

It’s starting to stress me out. Not that things aren’t getting done. Or at least not that so much as I’m making choices that aren’t aligned with who I want to be.

So I need to make some changes. I need to make the choices that align with the person I’m striving to be. Even if it means taking one baby step at a time.

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