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I posted previously about revisiting projects. Some of those old projects I need to finish so I can start new ones. For example, I have a plaid on my rigid heddle loom that is mostly done. I need to get it finished and off the loom before I can start the next project. And that’s not the only thing I need to do before I can start that project. I have to finish re-balling the yard that will be the weft. It’s yarn reclaimed from a project I killed rather than finish.

What is the next weaving project? An attempt at a rug of sorts. The nice thing is that I’m re-using the yarn from a project I gave myself permission to give up on. Also, since it’s a rug, the warp will be nice and short. I have some thick cotton string I’m thinking of using. And a couple of the packages I’ve received lately had brown paper as packing material, so I have a good material for keeping layers of warp separate on the rollers. That will help keep the warp from tangling and sticking.

I’m really looking forward to weaving the rug. I don’t know that I’ll actually be successful in accomplishing the vision I see in my head. But I will learn a lot from the attempt, whether or not it works. I’m hoping the string works for the warp, but I’m not sure it will. If it does, I have lots of fabric scraps I can use to weave a rag rug later.

Just in case you’re wondering why I’m using a thick string for the warp – I inherited a large cone of it and I haven’t been able to find ways to use it. Warp takes a fair amount of yardage. I’m sure I’ll have some left even if I go on to use it for a rag rug. I’m looking at the possibility of trying some kind of netting – like a net bag or something of that kind.

I really want to do more weaving and learn how to weave twills and such. I need a few more pieces of equipment – reeds, a stand, and other similar things, before I can do some of them. I’ll probably be sticking with plain weave or pick-up for awhile longer. I need to pay down bills and save a bit before buying new things!

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