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Emerging from the Shadows – again

*peeks out from the shadows*

Yep – the site is still here.

I went wandering in the shadows again and it took me forever to find my way back. But I did, and once I get the dust blown off the site maybe I can get back to some of my projects.

I definitely need to do a better job of mapping my shadow explorations. Maybe that will keep me from getting lost again! I hope I can figure out where I stopped mapping.

*dusts off the project list in the Idea archive*  *cough cough*

I did keep a journal of sorts while I was wandering. Between it, and the ideas in the very dusty archives of the site, I’m pretty sure I have material for weeks, if not months, of mapping. I just need to make sure I don’t get distracted or lost again! I’ve been reading, sewing, writing, trying new beers, and even trying to start a new podcast. And there’s this trip I’m planning for 2020 …

Let me go chart the next steps in getting the site set to rights again!

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